Ghost of the Whirlwind

The Westland Whirlwind Cannon Fighter was the fastest and most heavily armed military aircraft in the world at the outbreak of World War II! It was also ‘utterly beautiful’ (the words of famous British Test Pilot Captain Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown R.N.).

It was also the only RAF aircraft capable of inflicting serious damage by low level attack on invading Panzer tanks in September 1940 ... but that invasion of Britain never came. And it was TOP SECRET until late in 1942!

So the Whirlwind has all but dropped out of the history books and not a single one exists! But a small quantity of fascinating wartime cine film has come to light ... sufficient to form the basis for the dramatic documentary film “Ghost of the Whirlwind” that finally lifts the veil of secrecy! The worldwide project team includes no fewer than 6 veteran Whirlwind pilots, more than 250 enthusiasts, also film industry professionals.

Watch the Youtube teaser video clip